About Us 

Avandium Trading Ltd. is a wholesale distributor to the Canadian retail market, focused primarily on brand-name school and office supplies.

Since our early beginnings in 2007, our mission has always been to develop and offer differentiated, value-added products to our customers. We are committed to high-quality, functional design, and consumer-driven products. Today, Avandium Trading Ltd. boasts a rich portfolio of essential stationery items from reputable brands, that better respond to needs and expectations of modern day consumers. Such offering helps our customers broaden their product mix, leading to higher consumer retention and satisfaction.

Meticulous product selection and continuous product renewals are part of our DNA and are essential to our customers’ success. In fact, our expansion and success over the years are firmly anchored in the satisfaction and achievements of our retailers.

Our team has a combined 40+ years of knowledge in school and office supplies. We are specialists in our domain and can offer advice and planning layouts to help you extract more out of your stationary section.